What do I do next?


A friend of mine recently mentioned to me, after seeing my Instagram posts, that I should start a blog about my adventures in food.   I laughed at that.  See, I know nothing about blogging or writing.  I’m not a college grad.  I’ve only been a mom for 20+ years and soon I will be empty nesting.  What on earth could I talk about?  I do know a few things about cooking.  I don’t mean from formal classes, but from day to day mistakes and successes.  I know about cooking on a budget and experimenting with new ingredients.  Now I need to learn about cooking for 2 and not for 5.

I’m passionate about making things from scratch when possible and I try to cook seasonally and locally.  I also am not afraid of new foods and will seek out fun combinations, then try to reproduce them at home.

Maybe you are the same.  Maybe you are like me and empty nesting, looking for something new to try, or maybe you have kids and you want them to learn to love new foods.  Whatever it is, come on along my food adventure.  Let’s make some mistakes and mess up our kitchen.

Let me feed you.

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