Why “Food Mom 4 Life”?

The reason for the above-mentioned blog title and also my Pinterest and Instagram name is simple.   Food is my primary way of showing affection.  I am not the most demonstrative person.  Hugs and Kisses come naturally to my Italian husband and his family, but my German family is not quite so lovey-dovey!  That’s not to say we don’t love you!  We certainly do, but the way you’ll figure that out is by how much food I offer you.  Interestingly, my daughter recently posted on my Facebook, a delightful birthday wish, in which she mentions that I taught her the value of an always open door and hot food.  True, if you come over to my house, I will either offer you something I’ve just made, invite you to stay for dinner, or make you a cocktail with liquors I just bought and am dying to try out on someone.

Then the 4 Life part.   Food is so important to our good health.  The temptations to eat fast food are so great, but it’s so crucial to eat right and avoid them if you can.  Hopefully, this blog is where you can find quick and easy, tried and true, recipes that will help you drive right on past that Mickey D’s.

So visit with me often, let me feed you or offer you a beverage.  My specialty is a lovely Irish Coffee.   Do come over and try one.




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