Bubble Tea!

36575347_10212630930314298_8323437407496044544_n Bubble teas are everywhere, but they are pretty pricey indulgences, so why not make them at home?   My philosophy is “If someone can make it, so can I.”  So today was experiment day and it was a success.  Give this a try!

Mitsuwa is a local Asian market near my house, so I purchased these there.  If you don’t live anywhere near an Asian market, MOVE TO MY CITY!  No, I’m kidding, you just be happy where you are and buy them on Amazon.  It’s fine.   If you do live near one and have never gone before, please do so.  It’s fun!  I like to challenge myself to get at least one new ingredient to play with every time I go.  I’d also recommend picking up a few fresh tropical type juices.  I bought one in Mango and one in Lychee.  The tea pictured above features the Lychee juice.           \

Bubble tea

  • 10 cups water
  • 1 cup pearls
  • Sugar syrup or honey
  • 2 tea bags
  • juice, your choice
  • Big straws!

Boil water until a rolling boil, add pearls, boil 3 minutes, turn down the heat, simmer 3 more, turn off heat, let sit 3 more minutes.   Remove pearls from hot water and immerse in cold water for 30 seconds.  Pour sugar syrup over them.  In the meantime, add tea bags to 1/2 cup of hot water.  Let tea cool.  Add a few spoonfuls of pearls to bottom of a glass, add some tea, add juices and straw and enjoy!

The bubble tea itself is super easy to make and you feel so accomplished when it’s done.   The tapioca pearls are super delicate and they dissolve in cold water, so first, you want to get your water boiling.  Soon, they come to the top.  36577284_10212630931834336_4754285680048209920_n


Use 10 cups water to one cup pearls.  Also, I let my pearls soak in the sugar syrup for a little bit too, to add some sweetness.


 I made two drinks, one with Mango for my daughter and one with Lychee for myself.  They turned out great and made a fun summer treat!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, remember, if someone can do it, so can you.

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